Project Planning  

For Aquaculture Global Consulting, Project Planning is defined as the process of working with a client to develop a profitable operation, be it in the field of production, processing or commercialization. Thus in Project Planning we cover all the necessary steps from working with the client to determine their objectives and goals, to refinement of the those ideas into a sustainable and profitable project plan, to the construction and implementation of the final agreed project and finally to the evaluation of the results achieved.

In general, in any business operation (production, processing or commercialization) the objective is to promote a sustainable and profitable business around a certain activity. These objectives may incorporate physical, chemical, biological or market factors. Good Project Planning allows for the proper integration of all applicable factors towards realizing the client’s goal of a profitable operation.

We divide Project Planning into the following steps:

1 - Project Development
2 - Project Evaluation
3 - Project Implementation