Who are we?  

Aquaculture Global Consulting (AGC) is a global consulting company in the field of seafood production. The group of consultants representing CRM-AGC are all graduates with advanced degrees from Auburn University, an institution which is world renowned for training and work in the aquaculture field.

The core team of AGC is represented by four experienced professionals in international aquaculture. The company senior partners are located in North/Latin America, Europe/Africa, the Middle East and Asia/Pacific/Indian Subcontinent. Each senior partner has his own specific areas of expertise and experience, and together the consultants in AGC cover a comprehensive range of aquaculture related information, regardless of environment, species or even language. In addition we have collaborators in specific regions of the globe, contactable through our headquarters.

We hold the following three principles as a guide for all of our work:

1. Team Work. To keep an open relationship of mutual trust with our clients by maintaining a proper communication, while always respecting confidentiality.

2. Precision and Accuracy. We use these scientific terms from our research backgrounds to insist that any problem must be looked at first from the technical point of view. To manage data and information with precision and accuracy is the first step in ensuring a reliable service.

3. Optimization. To contribute for the efficiency of resource use and to assist in project sustainability according to the client’s own objectives.